Sunday, December 19, 2010

Haywood NorAm Mini Tour Results

The end of 2010 finished for me with the Haywood NorAm Mini Tour in Rossland, BC. I am U23 and the results from Friday and Sunday were also Canada Winter Games trials for me. I knew my ability coming into this season and I knew I wasn't in contention for the podium. I was capable of a top 30 overall result but in the back of my mind I was really hoping to test my limits this weekend and have at least one all-out race. The tour opened with a 1.6km Sprint Qualification (Skate) on Friday with the top 30 finishers qualifying for heats and time bonuses. 1st place received a 60 second bonus in the overall tour with 30th earining 2. I had 49th qualifying time which was a disappointment but also gave me the afternoon to re-focus for the next two days. Saturday was my best chance for a good result and maybe make up some time in the overall tour with one of my favorite: a 10km skate. The snow was hard packed and the skiing was really quick for everyone. I finished in 22:55.7 (27th) which, combined with the sprint time, put me in 28th overall. Sunday's 15km classic was a pursuit start and I was starting 2:04 behind the leader. It hurt during the race and it hurts to write it almost a week later but the race wound out where I was on the final lap skiing with 30th and 31st. The feeling of getting dropped, gradually on a long rolling climb is the worst feeling in racing. Ive felt it in cycling, Ive felt it in running, and Ive felt it in skiing! It makes your heart hurt and leaves you so hungry for a re-match... I ended up after the weekend in 32nd. I qualified for Canada Games for Team BC but the last lap on Sunday will stay with me for the rest of the season.

Ill be back in Canmore on the 27th preparing for NorAm #3 (Biathlon) and the second IBU Cup Trials in Lake Placid all in January. I'm taking a brief break before Christmas to clear my mind and come back for the new year fresh and motivated!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Powder, powder, powder

100% real snow! I love Silver Star and this time was no exception. This weekend was my first time skiing on REAL snow this year. Soft snow meant an instant change to a delicate, technique-focused type of skiing which favored patience (and small skiers). I didn't mind at all, but it was an extreme contrast to Canmore's rock hard, always fast, perfectly groomed Olympic trails which I started the season on. 

Saturday was  the Haywood NorAm Teck Sprints (Classic technique). It was my first classic sprint ever and easily the fastest Ive ever went on classic skis. I had a qualifying time of 3:57.342 which put me 10 seconds behind qualifying for the heats (top 30) and 25 seconds behind the leader Drew Goldsack. Sooo lots of room for improvement. I was 53rd out of 76 open men starters. I had no expectations coming in and now I have a level to work from. 

Sunday was the Haywood Noram Interval Start (15km skate). It snowed at least 15cm on Sunday morning so the course was as soft as possible. I had an early start position which was a physical advantage because I had a fresh course. By the second lap that advantage was completely gone. The obvious disadvantage to starting first is skiing on your own with no information on the other 85 starters. I improved to 27th (3:08.57 behind the leader- Lars Flora).

It was a super fun week of racing and been in the mountains, and I have three more chances this weekend to hurt myself a little harder. I am in Rossland for the second Haywood Noram starting only goal to push my limit a little bit farther. Cheers and check out the results below!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alberta Cup Kickstart

The 2010/2011 season has officially begun! The weekend included a skate sprint (1km) on Saturday and a 9km classic race this morning. The skate sprints were short and sweet and I was eliminated first heat/quarterfinals. I had 22nd qualifying time and ended up 19th overall. It wasn't an ideal course for me,  but it was fun and fast. Saturday's total racing time: 4 minutes.

Sunday treated me a little better. I think I surprised everyone, including myself, considering it was my first classic race since a 5km BC Cup race in 2006. It was an easy course to ski, but a hard course to race. With perfect -12 (approx) temperatures and hard-as-rock snow everyone was going fast so for me it came down to bringing my speed with me in transitions and been really precise and focused for all three laps. The results were all really tight which meant every stride mattered. It was a great day and I gave it all I could have expected. I finished 13th in the open men, 1:27 behind the winner.

Here are the results:

I'm starting to get excited about the next two weekends where Ill be racing in Vernon followed by Rossland. I have a shot at qualifying for the BC Canada Winter Games Team in Rossland and Silverstar is one of my favorite places in the world! Lots of excitement in the next bit and I look forward to keeping you updated!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter has begun!

Wow three months went by fast! Ninety days ago I had just moved to Canmore and was skiing with my head down thinking that working hard was enough, thinking that if I pushed hard enough I could make my goals this year. It took about a week with my new coach to realize that working hard helps, but skiing is a much more complicated puzzle. When I’m skiing with faster skiers, everyone is working their hardest, so I have to learn new tricks and be more focused if I want an edge. I’ve made some small technique changes that have made huge differences and I carry a new mentality about being fast. I am finally realizing that skiing smarter is so much more rewarding than just working hard. Ive been doing Biathlon for 11 years and it’s amazing I can learn so much more every day I train.

In late October, I started skiing on a 1km man-made loop with snow that had been saved over the summer. It was a boring loop and the snow conditions were very poor. I graduated to a man-made snow loop of the same distance which I did several hundred laps and my fair share of hours. It was great to get these hours on snow even if it meant doing 3 hour skis on a three minute loop. With really cold recent temperatures the Canmore Nordic Centre is a 24 hour snow storm with snow guns blowing around the clock to get all the trails open for the season. It feels really good to start the winter and I’m even more excited for the first races!

My pre season looks something like this:
December 4-5 Alberta Cup Canmore Nordic Kickstart (Canmore, AB)
December 11-12 Haywood NorAm & Teck Sprints (Soveirgn Lakes, BC)
December 17-19 Haywood NorAm Teck Sprint Series Multi-stage Tour (Rossland, BC)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Leagues

A week of high pressure racing is over and I have the day off to update all my supporters before training starts again tomorrow. Over the last 4 days the World Cup Trials for the Canadian Biathlon Team took place in Canmore Alberta. The races took place on a paved track at the Canmore Nordic Centre on roller skis to name the top Canadians who would be representing Canada at the first World Cup in Ostersund, Sweden. The top man (behind two pre-qualified athletes based on their results last year) would be named to the World Cup Tour and the next 5 men would be attending the IBU (International Biathlon Union) Cup Circuit.

This is my first year competing in the Senior Men Category and it is an entirely different class to Junior. The competition was at a whole new level and these races were the best way to show me how well I have to perform for me to reach my goals this season. I finished the week ranked 8th overall, one position off qualifying for the first tour. The immediate emotion was disappointment. I have trained the last 11 years to be at this level and I trained the entire year with this goal in mind. Ive spent thousands of dollars and trained thousands of hours to get to where I am right now. Who wouldn't feel unrewarded?

But rewards come to those who earn it. This morning I had two options. I could accept that I tried my best, or I could realize that everyone tries their best, and my best needs to be better. Ive trained hard all year, but so has everyone else. Ive spent thousands of dollars, so has everyone else. Ive made sacrifice, been disciplined and dreamed big.
So has everyone else. Of course everyone goes hard, its a standard for any professional in any sport. My next step in my athletic career is stepping out of my comfort zone. For me this means been meticulous with my training. Its too easy to skip the small details, but together they can make the difference between where I am and where I want to go. I have come to a point where I need to make every little detail work to my advantage. Despite the recent heart break, I feel awake and ready to improve. I have the skills, I have the training base, I have the coach, I have the motivation and I am in the best shape of my life. This week really showed me that I could either 1. simply wonder why I didn't perform well enough to make it, which would probably result in a bitter mood and loss of motivation or 2. I could figure out exactly what details I need to change in my training and racing and start improving them.These are the big leagues and its time to go big or go home!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Final Results World Cup/IBU Cup Trials

Here are the final results from the last week of racing! Brenden Green and JP Leguellec have been pre qualified off of their results from last year. These races determined the one remaining World Cup Spot and the 5 IBU Cup Spots.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Best 2
24 1Nathan Smith93.22100.45102.20101.33
25 2Brendan Green103.3999.0096.95101.19
26 3Scott Perrras97.78100.5798.5199.54
27 4Tyson Smith99.0187.4697.9698.48
28 5Patrick Coté96.8198.0698.5698.31
29 6Scott Gow96.8196.3498.9097.86
30 7Marc Andre Bedard94.0394.6898.9796.83
31 8Mat Neuman92.6394.0493.4793.76
32 9Beau Thomson92.3889.2194.6893.53
33 10Aaron G.89.0791.5393.6292.58
34 11Joel Pacas92.3887.0988.4390.40
35 12Kurtis Wenzel75.6284.9482.7483.84
36 13Aaron Neuman79.4481.9881.9081.94
37 14Johnny Forward80.9479.1880.06
38 15Mark Arendz80.7471.5576.15

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overall Results (Day 1 and Day 2)

Day 1 Day 2 Ave. Of 2
1 Brendan Green 103.39 99 101.19

2 Scott Perrras 97.78 100.57 99.17

3 Patrick Coté 96.81 98.06 97.44

4 Nathan Smith 93.22 100.45 96.83

5 Scott Gow 96.81 96.34 96.58

6 Marc Andre Bedard 94.03 94.68 94.36

7 Matt Neumann 92.63 94.04 93.34

8 Tyson Smith 99.01 87.46 93.23

9 Beau Thomson 92.38 89.21 90.79

10 Aaron G. 89.07 91.53 90.3

11 Joel Pacas 92.38 87.09 89.73

12 Johnny Forward 80.94 80.94

13 Mark Arendz 80.74 80.74

14 Aaron Neumann 79.44 81.98 80.71

15 Kurtis Wenzel 75.62 84.94 80.28

Day 2: 10km Sprint

Mens 1okm Sprint Results at Canadian WC and IBU Cup Trials

# Name Start Finish Final 0:27:30
Men P S Total Time Time Percentage
1 Scott Perrras 02:00.0 1 1 2 0:29:21 0:27:21 100.57%
2 Nathan Smith 06:00.0 0 1 1 0:33:23 0:27:23 100.45%
3 Brendan Green 05:30.0 2 0 2 0:33:17 0:27:47 99.00%
4 Patrick Coté 00:30.0 0 1 1 0:28:33 0:28:03 98.06%
5 Scott Gow 00:00.0 0 1 1 0:28:33 0:28:33 96.34%
6 Marc Andre Bedard 02:30.0 1 2 3 0:31:33 0:29:03 94.68%
7 Mat Neuman 04:00.0 1 1 2 0:33:15 0:29:15 94.04%
8 Aaron G. 03:30.0 1 1 2 0:33:33 0:30:03 91.53%
9 Beau Thomson 01:00.0 1 2 3 0:31:50 0:30:50 89.21%
10 Tyson Smith 01:30.0 2 4 6 0:32:57 0:31:27 87.46%
11 Joel Pacas 03:00.0 0 1 3 0:34:35 0:31:35 87.09%
12 Kurtis Wenzel 04:30.0 1 2 3 0:36:53 0:32:23 84.94%
13 Aaron Neuman 05:00.0 1 2 3 0:38:33 0:33:33 81.98%
14 Johnny Forward 07:00.0 0 2 2 0:40:59 0:33:59 80.94%
15 Mark Arendz 06:30.0 0 0 0 0:40:34 0:34:04 80

Friday, September 17, 2010

First Day of World Cup/IBU Cup Trials

Results: 15km Mass Start

Sept. 17 2010
2 Mass Start2xLong - 3xShort
3 #NameStartFinishFinal TimePPSSTotal39:19.0
4 Men Miss%
51Brendan Green02:20.040:22.038:02.011002103.39
62Tyson Smith00:30.040:13.039:43.00011299.01
73Scott Perras01:00.041:13.040:13.02113797.78
84Patrick Cote01:40.042:17.040:37.01021496.81
94Scott Gow00:40.041:17.040:37.00000096.81
106Bill Bowler00:00.040:50.040:50.02011496.30
117Robin Clegg02:00.043:22.041:22.01023695.06
128Marc Andre Bedard01:20.043:09.041:49.01311694.03
139Nathan Smith00:20.042:31.042:11.04013893.22
1410Matthew Neumann02:10.044:37.042:27.02102592.63
1511Joel Pacas00:10.042:44.042:34.02101492.38
1611Beau Thompson01:50.044:24.042:34.01211592.38
1713Aaron Gilmor00:50.044:59.044:09.01121589.07
1814Aaron Neuman01:30.051:00.049:30.01134979.44
1915Kurtis Wenzel02:30.054:30.052:00.02033875.62

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First week in Canmore

My first week in Canmore consisted of unpacking, getting settled in my temporary place and racing with the National Biathlon Team in a 15km mass start time trial on Friday. I have been training with my new coach (John Jacques) for four days and started the race with the same guys ill be competing against for spots on the IBU Cup and maybe even the World Cup this season. I shot to my best ability hitting 19 out of 20 targets. I missed the last standing shot on my third of four bouts. With solid skiing this was enough for me to finish in 3rd place.just
behind National Team member Nathan Smith. Olympian, Brendan Green had
a demanding lead. This was a near perfect start to my training here
and proved I was on the level to achieve my goals this year and could
even be a threat for the final world cup spot. I am competing at the
North American Cup next weekend and World Cup Trials are the following
weekend here in Canmore. I am feeling confident with my move and
looking forward to the upcoming races! Unfortunately the team fee for
the first IBU cup will be $4100 and I will be forced to send alot of
letters out asking for support, if I make the team. Thanks for following!

(Picture credit to Daniel Giroux,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just another Squamish Sunday

Yesterday afternoon I had a personal best running time completing the Chief's second peak in 18:50. I started the season in June with my best time been 20:05, thinking one second faster was impossible. Ive ran it about 8 times this year, every time a little faster. It feels so good to be collapsed against a rock at the top, breathing as hard as you can, and look down at my watch and see a record time. My heart rate reached 180 beats per minute instantly and it didn't go up or down until the final minute where it reached 191 bpm. I don't think I could have squeezed another beat in. About 600m elevation in 19 minutes. The session included running to the base and back from my house which added about 22 km to the day. Entire session: 2 hours 52 minutes. Just another reason Squamish is the outdoor recreation capital of Canada!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hometown Heroes Award

This past weekend I made my way to Prince George, BC to accept Pacific Western Brewery's Hometown Heroes Award! The press conference happened Friday (June 11) and they announced that I would be awarded a commission on Canterbury Beer and Organic Energy Max energy drink over the next 6 months. The award was very welcomed and it felt great to be recognized for all the work Ive put in over the years. A huge thank you to PWB and Pacific Sport. Their help will go a long way this season!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Aiming Big!

The 2010/2011 season has begun which means high motivation and big training to match big goals. After a six week break, recovering from shoulder surgery, and a well needed rest, I'm back in full swing, training hard for another exciting year. I have started the base training season which is full of strength training and long slow distance (long runs and bike rides) to build a solid cardio leading into the summer. This week I put in about 600km on my road bike, which felt really good after spending the last two months resting. It feels so good to get started up again, and I've set some demanding goals to keep me motivated through the off-season.

In September, I would like to qualify for the IBU Cup at roller ski trials in Canmore as well as have a top 10 place at the 2010 Junior Summer World Championships. This is my first year as a senior and I'm hoping to make a smooth transition to the big leagues. It would be amazing to race in a world cup this season, but my goal is to make that level in 2012. 2012 World Championships are in Ruhpolding Germany, and it is my goal to compete there.
Of course, I am endlessly thankful to mom and dad and all my sponsors for this year. I just couldn't do it with out you!

photo: Daniel Giroux (

Monday, March 8, 2010

2 X Gold at 2010 Canadian National Championships!

The Canadian National Championships (Canmore, Alberta) this past week marked the end of 2010. It was also my final season as a Junior and Sunday's gold medal was a perfect way to end it. The week started Wednesday March 2nd, with the Junior Mens 10km Sprint. I won a silver medal and finished 20 seconds behind Alberta's Beau Thompson. With two mistakes prone and one standing, I was determined to shoot stronger in Thursday's Individual. With poor prone shooting, my chances of a medal became slimmer and slimmer, finally finishing in 5th place. I had the fastest ski time by over 1:30 minutes, but with no gold medals the pressure was on for the weekend. I spent the Friday (official training) in the range building up confidence for the upcoming 12.5km pursuit. Saturday's race was what I had been waiting for all year. I came into my last standing with one mistake and almost 2 minutes in the lead. I misses 3 on my final standing but finished with a strong bell lap and secured my first gold medal of the week.

The final event was Sunday's 3 X 6km Mixed Relay. Aaron Neumann started the first leg, tagging off to Emma Lunder in 3rd. Emma closed the gap to Alberta and tagged off to me in 2nd (20 seconds behind Quebec). It came down to the last standing and I pulled away on the last lap to win one of BC's 14 medals. It was an exciting way to end the season, and a good motivation for 2011. I am undecided on where I will train this season, but I have 2012 World Championships in Rupolding, Germany as my goal and I am determined to work towards that. I appreciate all the help I received this year and I couldn't have made these results with out it. I look forward to keeping you updated and thanks again for the support!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Off to Sweden for World Junior Championship!

After an up and down week at North American Cup #3 in La Patrie, Quebec, I pushed through some technical difficulties to qualify third for the 2010 World Junior Champs in Torsby, Sweden. On the weekend I started with a third place finish in the 10km Sprint, 29 seconds behind the lead. I started the pursuit on Sunday behind Scott Gow and Joel Pacas of Alberta. I had an aggressive first prone to come into the range for the second shooting 1st, 5 seconds in the lead. I broke my sling hook going into position and was forced to shoot without using my armband. I tried to shoot, but had five misses and dropped into 10th. I finished the race in 5th but came to Sweden with a fire to redeem myself. The first race is on Wednesday and I’m excited to represent Canada and all my sponsors at the International level. This is the highest level for my age in Biathlon, and these competitions pave the way into the senior IBU Cup and World Cups/Olympics. For results and event info you can visit:


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pictures from Noram #3-La Patrie

Visit: for over 2200 pictures from Canadian Trials!
Courtesy of Daniel Giroux (

2010 World Junior Championship (Men Schedule)

Wednesday January 27th 13:30 (15km Individual)

Saturday January 30th 11:05 (10km Sprint)

Sunday January 31st 11:00 (12.5km Pursuit)

Monday February 1st 8:50 (4X7.5km Relay)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Canadian World Junior Trials (La Patrie, Quebec)

Thursday January 14th 2010 (10km Sprint)

I started the week with a second place finish in the 10km Sprint competition, crossing the line 58 seconds behind Scott Gow (Alberta). I recovered from 2 mistakes prone to hit 4 out of 5 from the standing position. The 3.3km course featured some difficult climbs accompanied with a steep technical downhill. I am confident for the weekend and am aiming for some better shooting. I am currently tied for first in the North American circuit and am motivated to fight for the top position.

Saturday January 16th 2010 (10km Sprint)

Sunday January 17th 2010 (12.5km Pursuit)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome 2010 Sponsors

As I continue to improve from year to year, my sponsors become more and more important. As I enter my final year as a junior, I am training harder, traveling more, and encountering bigger expenses to accomplish my goals. This season, National Firearm Association, Prince George Rod and Gun club, Daniel Giroux (Flex art, Alain Baril, Rudy Project Eyewear, Louise Lambert, Icebreaker Nature Clothing and the Squamish Boston Pizza have all invested their money, time, and support to help me reach the podium. Their help shows their appreciation for sport in Canada and I cannot express how grateful I am for their ongoing support. Even with the Olympics at home, Canadian athletes receive very little support. Through my sponsors generous help, I am able to train full time and focus everything I have on reaching the podium. A big Thank you!