Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alberta Cup Kickstart

The 2010/2011 season has officially begun! The weekend included a skate sprint (1km) on Saturday and a 9km classic race this morning. The skate sprints were short and sweet and I was eliminated first heat/quarterfinals. I had 22nd qualifying time and ended up 19th overall. It wasn't an ideal course for me,  but it was fun and fast. Saturday's total racing time: 4 minutes.

Sunday treated me a little better. I think I surprised everyone, including myself, considering it was my first classic race since a 5km BC Cup race in 2006. It was an easy course to ski, but a hard course to race. With perfect -12 (approx) temperatures and hard-as-rock snow everyone was going fast so for me it came down to bringing my speed with me in transitions and been really precise and focused for all three laps. The results were all really tight which meant every stride mattered. It was a great day and I gave it all I could have expected. I finished 13th in the open men, 1:27 behind the winner.

Here are the results:

I'm starting to get excited about the next two weekends where Ill be racing in Vernon followed by Rossland. I have a shot at qualifying for the BC Canada Winter Games Team in Rossland and Silverstar is one of my favorite places in the world! Lots of excitement in the next bit and I look forward to keeping you updated!

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Emma Lunder said...

du bist sporty spice.
ski fast in v townizzle!