Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little bitta snow on the mountains!

Days like these, I am really thankful for the opportunity I have to train full time. I'm healthy, I had a great fall-day training session and I'm feeling the excitement of winter/skiing/racing just around the corner. I had a sweet day today skiing just under 3 hours finishing with Moraine Lake road (which was a first for me). I've had a great fall in general with some really good training opportunities and cooperating weather. This time of year goes by quickly for me and it's easy to get caught up in what I want to accomplish this winter. I've tried to switch focus from what I want to happen this winter to what I need to focus on now to get there! The first race of the season is November 14 in Canmore (first IBU Cup Tour Trials with the Canadian Team).

Thanks Rudy Project for the new fluorescent sterling helmet and glasses to keep me visible on the road!

(photo skills courtesy of Cynthia Clark)
Moraine Lake (Lake Louise) lunch break with snow on the mountains!