Thursday, December 22, 2011

I apologize for my procrastination in keeping you up to date. My attention and time have being completely centered around the start of the season, getting into race shape, daily training, daily diet, and contemplating issues like, "what can I possibly do to ski faster and shoot straighter?" Despite my stubborn effort to ignore how I can afford all this, reality still seems to pop up on occasion and remind me that traveling the country and  skiing for a job is expensive! (So that's my excuse for the postponed blog update.)

I started the season with the most important race of the year; IBU Cup trials in Canmore, AB. Despite my sincere efforts to be ready for this race, there are factors in Biathlon that are hard to control. I gave my strongest effort but fell well below my goal. Not a good start. I felt I had a great summer and had skied as hard as I could. I have never in my life went all out and skied so slow. My blood tests that week had some answers. I had shockingly low ferritin (indicating low iron stores) and my testosterone levels were 1/3 of their normal. It took me a few weeks to accept to myself what had happened with the trials results but I made it my first priority to get my health back. 

I'm at home in Prince George for Christmas and spending some time on my home trails at Otway Nordic Ski Centre. My focus right now is on diet, recovery, and health as I prepare for my next races U23 Cross Country World Champs Trials in Whistler BC (January 12-15th). 

Merry Christmas!

(photo by Sylvain Beaudry)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little bitta snow on the mountains!

Days like these, I am really thankful for the opportunity I have to train full time. I'm healthy, I had a great fall-day training session and I'm feeling the excitement of winter/skiing/racing just around the corner. I had a sweet day today skiing just under 3 hours finishing with Moraine Lake road (which was a first for me). I've had a great fall in general with some really good training opportunities and cooperating weather. This time of year goes by quickly for me and it's easy to get caught up in what I want to accomplish this winter. I've tried to switch focus from what I want to happen this winter to what I need to focus on now to get there! The first race of the season is November 14 in Canmore (first IBU Cup Tour Trials with the Canadian Team).

Thanks Rudy Project for the new fluorescent sterling helmet and glasses to keep me visible on the road!

(photo skills courtesy of Cynthia Clark)
Moraine Lake (Lake Louise) lunch break with snow on the mountains!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Switchin Gears

(Rocky Mountain Racers at Haig Glacier)
Despite the glorious weather lately in Canmore, summer training is coming to an end and the focus is narrowing for the ski season. I just finished a week training at the Haig glacier which was a blast and am heading up again next week (Sept 6th). I am feeling good about my summer and hopefully everything runs smooth through the fall. I have less than 10 weeks before my first race and I'm starting to feel the excitement of racing!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feeling Hot

I am excited to say that summer has finally arrived in Canmore! I am also excited to say that the Tour de France is in full swing and providing some excellent daily inspiration heading to training! This past weekend I had a personal best time up Norquay (15:14) from the gate at the bottom to the Norquay sign at the top. It was a good indication my training is on the right track and that all my cycling in the spring went to good use. I had a large block of cycling hours in May (2500km) and I am getting more and more efficient on my bike. The summer is young and I am looking forward to see where my training can go from here!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter wishing!

When I consider that my job is currently skiing in the mountains in perfect snow conditions, I don't feel too bad. This past week (June 23rd-28th) our Rocky Mountain Racers team spent the mornings skiing at Sunshine Mt., Banff on a 4 km loop in more or less perfect conditions. It was sunny 5 out of the 6 days and only in the last two days did grooming become difficult with the trail starting to break down. It was very convenient to have summer skiing so close to home and it replaced what would have been an expensive trip to the glacier. I had a total of 18 hours of skiing which I will be thankful for in mid-November when racing gets under way! It wasn't all fun and games. With limited on-snow opportunities I ensured I was 100% focused on my ski technique, heart rates and proper recovery. Its equal parts hard work and fun for me when I consider the reward of improving and my goals this winter. I am thankful for all my sponsors and supporters (named on the right--->) who make it possible for me to train like this and allow me the opportunity to ski full time as a "job!" Thanks!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hometown Hero

I was in Prince George this weekend to receive the Pacific Western Brewery's Hometown Hero Award. I was honored to be named PWB's hometown hero and am very thankful to Pacific Western Brewery. I encounter thousands of dollars a year in training and competition expenses so this support will go a long way in helping me reach my athletic goals. PWB is not only supporting an athlete but also health, our youth in sport, and creating positive role models in our community. Pacific western Brewery is a business role model in our city!

My training for the spring/summer will be based out of Canmore. I'll be training with the Rocky Mountain Racers but still representing my home club: Caledonia Nordic Ski Club. Sometimes you have to be flexible to get the best possible training, and right now the best training for me is in Canmore! I appreciate all the local support I have received and look forward to representing Prince George leading up to the 2015 Canada Winter Games. I think they will be huge for PG!

I would also like to thank Stride and Glide sport, The National Firearms Association and the Prince George Ramada Inn who are all supporting my training this year!



Saturday, April 9, 2011

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Show your support and "like" me or leave a comment! Its another media outlet to keep supporters and sponsors updated in my life, my training, my racing, my goals, and my results. Happy blogging:)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Back on my bike!

One of the best attractions Squamish, BC has to offer: Corsa Cylces Friday night group ride! The rides started last Friday and tonight will be my first chance to join the boys for an evening of riding, hammering, sprinting and beer drinking! The rides have being a staple in my training over the last three years and I'm excited to get back on a road bike this spring. As always it will be good to catch up with the guys at the new Corsa bike shop which recently changed locations (170 1200 Hunter Pl.) and is looking spectacular! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A week in Squamish!

Beau Thompson, Matt Neumann, and Aaron Neumann on the podium at North American Championships!

Beau leading the mass start during the second prone shooting!

After skiing on about 3 meters of snow at the Whistler Olympic Park, here I am running in an almost sunny Squamish!

Bro's before hoes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Red Bull Nordix 2011 - Best Action

Check it out! Keep in mind this is on Cross Country skis with a Nordic bindings and a ski width of about 5cm (2 inches)!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

National Champs Bring Highs and Lows

Its been a roller coaster right to the end! I had one of my best Biathlon races of the season at National Champs followed by one of my worst, Ive traveled across the entire country and back: twice this month, and finally the end is near! I recently finished competing at the North American Biathlon Championships where I won three medals and am six days away from the Whistler Olympic Park Loppet next Saturday! I had Canada Games, Cross Country Nationals, Biathlon Nationals, and North American Champs all back to back and the racing has had its toll on me.
Im looking forward to finishing the season with a bang here in Whistler and taking some much needed rest during April. My body is already excited for spring training but my mind needs a break (especially from shooting) and I need that to refuel my battery! I'm spending the rest of April in Prince George where I will be able to visit with my family, see old friends, and just relax!

Thank you to all my sponsors (on the right column) who made my season possible and I look forward to growing the list for 2011/2012!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kickin' off National Championships with a silver medal!

I couldn't have asked for a better start to Canadian National Championships! It was my final goal of the season to win a medal at National Champs as a first year senior and I did just that today. It was a small start list but included the entire Senior National Team (to the exception of Olympian JP Leguellec). It was an extremely competitive finish, with the top four with in 32 seconds after 20km and four shootings. Scott Perras won 17.1 seconds ahead of me, with Scott Gow only 3.9 seconds behind. It was a great start to the week and I look forward to three more races! Schedule for the week includes:
Wednesday 20km Individual: results (
Thursday 10km Sprint
Saturday 12.5km Pursuit
Sunday 3X6km Mixed Relay

Stay posted for more! Cheers supporters sponsors and everyone who helped me out this year!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


My first blogging bench mark! I'm very appreciative to see the support and am setting my next goal to 200 followers in the next 30 days! Thanks everyone for the interest, comments and support. Its motivating to keep it updated when I know it'll be read. Post a comment and Ill be sure to check your blog out.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sound track to my day.

I'm procratinating my typical day-before packing before heading off across the country tomorrow morning! This always includes listening to my iPod (complemented by an Apple iPod Hi-Fi System). Lately Ive been in a "we goin' make it" genre. I would best describe it as hiphop where rappers inform the privileged viewers how hard their child hood/up raising was and that their hustle alone brought them to riches! Ive lived my whole life in the dreamer's mind state of "just wait till I make it big" so naturally the lyrics are motivating to me.  Also, a deep bass is essential for enjoyment.

 Here are the YouTube links to today's top 5 picks of  "We goin' make it" music:
1. Eminem Ft Lil Wayne - No Love (
2. Tinie Tempah Ft Eric Turner- Written In The Stars
3. B.O.B. Ft. Eminem-Airplanes (
4.Briccs Ft. Akon - Stay Down (
5.Akon Ft. Blewz-So Fly (

I also have this stuck in my head...

Jessie J Ft B.O.B. - Price Tag (

So go get ya hustle on followers!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Final prep before Biathlon Canadian Championships!

For training this morning Rocky Mountain Racers had a time trial for final prep before leaving for National Championships. It was a 6 km sprint, basically to make sure everyone was on top of their game before the last major competition of the year. I was quick on my skis and shot 9/10 which was a perfect indication I'm in good form for Nationals! I was 28 seconds behind my team mate Scott Gow (also one miss). Ill be hunting him with the first race (10km Sprint) on March 24th! 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

15km Classic (National Championships) picture update!

Here are a couple pictures form my last race at 2011 Haywood Ski Nationals in Canmore, AB! I had a decent race and finished 27th out of 121 starters in the open men category. It was a good come back from Sunday and left me hungry for the next few weeks of racing! Pictures by team photographer Sylvain Beaudry (!

Cheers to all my sponsors, followers and supporters!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last race at XC National Champs!

I finished my National Championships today with the 15km Classic distance race! After a very disappointing skate race on Sunday I was really depending on a good race today to keep my motivation up heading to biathlon Nationals at the end of the week. I had a controlled race with a decent effort and finished 27th, a minute out of the top 10. It wasn't a perfect race but it was at my ability. I didn't try to do anything special and ended up with a solid result. I will leave the improvements for the summer training! It was a good day for me. Pictures to follow shortly!

Monday, March 14, 2011


As a biathlete (cross country skiing and marksmanship to clarify), I have had to answer some of the most mindless questions in sport. I worked at the Whistler Olympic Park doing biathlon demos for tourists last summer and thought I had heard it all! I was reminded this weekend about people's pure lack of understanding of the sport. Some examples form my past:
1. A woman standing by her car looking around at the Olympic biathlon stadium, "Sooo. Where do they shoot?"
2. A woman trying shooting for the first time, "I didn't know they were aloud guns in Canada!"
3. A man lies down and looks through a screw hole in the butt plate and says, "I cant see anything!"

I could go for days... Biathlon is an Olympic sport and is the most televised winter sport in Europe! The TV ratings are only seconded overall to Soccer. In Europe its bigger than Hockey is in Canada! Here are two biathlon clips...see if you can figure out which ones real!

Sorry this one is just in German, but still an amazing race!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hit the wall: Hard!

My first race of National Championships was one of the worst races of the season for me. In the 10km (3X3.3km) skate race I had a great first lap (6th fastest lap time of the day) but hit the wall hard shortly after. I finished 34th in a field of 126 starters. I was too excited and perhaps wasn't fueled properly before the race. I went out too fast and also didn't have enough simple sugars leading up! I learned that I can't be national champion today, its something I have to build up over the summer and wait till that speed is my ability. I tried to go for it today and payed the prize. My body just didn't respond how i wanted it to. At least I'll never make that mistake again, but it's disappointing it happened at one of the most exciting races of the year...Next race Tuesday!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Norwegian mens team donates to tsunami relief!

The Norwegian mens biathlon team of Ole Einar Bjorndalen, Alexander Os, Emil Svenson and Tarjei Boe had an exciting finishing lap to take the relay gold in Friday's race! It was a close finish with Russia 13 seconds behind and Ukraine 20 seconds behind. In thought of the tsunami that hit Japan the same day, the team donated 10 000 euros to the victims. A good example of how been a professional athlete can be more than self glory!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Martin Fourcade First Gold Medal - Biathlon WCH 2011 Khanty Mansiysk Pursuit Men

Epic finishing lap in 12.5km mens pursuit finish at World Champs this week! Fourcade coasts to victory with a three way sprint for silver and bronze...check it out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lars shoots like a Champ in Ruhpolding!

A video from earlier this season of Lars Berger with perfect shooting. It's what every biathlete dreams of!

Monday, March 7, 2011

XC Nationals in Canmore start Friday!

Cross Country Ski Nationals kick off this Friday in Canmore! The races will start with the very exciting, spectator friendly team sprint down town on Main Street Saturday at 10am. My first race is the 10km Free on Sunday followed by the 15km Classic on Tuesday. For full schedule check out ( The forecast for the weekend is sunny with "warm" weather the rest of the week... perfect for spectating!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Day for Canadian XC Skiing!

After Becki Scott won her Olympic gold in Salt Lake City it seemed to spark a sudden improvement in the Canadian women's performance. I think Dev and Alex's race today is breaking the international ice for Canadian men. Both have already had phenomenal results at the Vancouver Olympics and Tour de Ski this year, and I think these results today will really benefit the entire team. It gives a confidence that they have the skills to win and the Euro's ARE beatable! I'm looking forward to the rest of World Champs and Sochi in 2014!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bronze wraps up the week!

BC finished the week strong with a gold medal in the women's relay and a bronze for the men's side! Alberta had a favored team, winning by a comfortable 15 seconds( in the 4X 5km) and I was in a sprint finish for 2nd with Quebec in the anchor leg. I skied the last leg with Etienne Richard and passed the line a second behind him. It was a nice way to finish the week on the podium with team mates Matt Wylie, Joey Burton and Geoffrey Richards. I was upset to lose a position in the final meters but was happy to start my leg with less pressure knowing I was on the podium. It keeps me hungry and every mistake has a lesson! 

Results below!

VM Men's 30 Km Pursuit Holmenkollen 2011
Petter Northug's Finish!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lake Placid North American Cup #6/ European Championship Trials

Qualifying for the European Championships (Ridnaun, Italy) has been my goal all year! The team selection was this weekend in Lake Placid, New York and was based on two races (sprint/pursuit). I relied completely on my skiing to carry me through some "rough" shooting and finish 3rd qualified, behind National Team members Marc-andre Bedard and Tyson Smith. The tour includes:
1. European Championships U26, Ridnaun, ITA., Feb.21-27
2. Alpen Cup, ITA, March 4-6
3. IBU Cup #8, Annecy, FRA, March 10-13

It would be my first senior tour with the Canadian Team and would be an amazing opportunity to perform at an international level. It would be the highest level I have competed at and would give me a good indication of the level I am aiming to reach. I'm skiing well and if I had my best races on the tour, I could be eligible for national team carding ($$$)! Everything seems perfect right? Unfortunately, the tour came with a $5500 team fees. This was a deciding factor in my heart breaking decision that I couldn't afford to attend. I hope to never use money as an excuse again, especially if it means turning down an international opportunity to perform! The costs of daily living, eating, training, and equipment are all an athletes responsibility. I receive less than a thousand dollars a year from my National sport organization which is even more than most athletes. I think its unrealistic for a 21-year-old full-time athlete to write a five thousand dollar check and not be worried about finances! This decision has increased my bitter-ness towards how sport is so insignificant in Canada and how expensive it is to reach your goals!

For the rest of the season I have Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games, Cross Country Nationals (Canmore), Biathlon Nationals (Charlo, NB) and Biathlon North American Championships (Callaghan Valley, BC) in my schedule. I am excited to ski as fast as I can and leave all the money problems behind!

Check out the results from this weekend and leave a comment if you have an opinion!!

Overall Trial Results:
Pursuit Results:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top 10 Results from Lake Placid IBU Cup Trials

Senior Men
Name/PS/Finish Time
1. Nathan Smith (0,0) 0:28:45
2. Marc-andre Bedard (0,1) 0:28:55
3. Russell Currier (1, 2) 0:30:12
4. Wynn Roberts (0, 2) 0:30:23
5. Tyson Smith (0, 0) 0:30:31
6. Zachary Hall (1, 1) 0:30:31
7. Matt Neumann (1, 2) 0:30:42
8. Beau Thompson (1, 2) 0:31:52
9. Joel Pacas (1, 2) 0:31:53
10. Patrick Cote (0, 3) 0:32:48

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Calforex/Noram #3 Canmore

My first official biathlon race of the season! January 8th and 9th. I had a 3rd place finish in Saturday's 10km Mens Sprint and a 2nd place finish in Sunday's 12.5km Mens Pursuit. I had satisfactory races with medium shooting (77%) and medium skiing. I felt I gave a huge effort in my skiing but just wasn't going as fast as I can. It was enough to make some prize money and keep me hungry for the next Biathlon race IBU Cup Trials/Noram #5 in Lake Placid, New York (January 29th/30th).

Sprint Results:
Pursuit Results:
Photo credit to Sylvain Beaudry

A New Beginning

I’ve been cut down and grown more in the last four months than the last 20 years of my life. I wouldn’t be able to create what has happened since I moved to Canmore, but the New Year has started and so have more growing and more goals. Since the day I first shot a gun 11 years ago, I’ve had to work to move ahead. I’ve endlessly prayed that money or speed or skills would fall into my lap, but I’ve grown to realize, if you want it, YOU have to earn it, and it feels so much better than been given to you. I am chasing my dreams and personal goals, but I also rely on a supporting structure of my parents, friends, supporters and sponsors. I had a good start to the season but I’m using the New Year as a platform to start over. For 2011 I’m trying a new mindset of no excuses. No matter what surrounds me, I’m in charge of my emotions, decisions, reactions and training. There are things you can’t control and it took me 21 years to realize (start to realize) that you actually can’t control them. For 2011 I’m concerning myself with my training, my goals, my health and my happiness.

I’m pursuing the New Year with few result oriented goals, but a sharp image of where I want to go. I have IBU Cup Trials in Lake Placid, Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Canadian National Biathlon Championships in New Brunswick and Canadian Nation Cross country Championships here in Canmore just to name a few. I am focusing on technical aspects of my skiing and shooting as well as some shooting percentage goals. I am confident the results will follow. My big goal (the reason I continue to put up with minimal income, freezing hands, sore muscles, burning lungs and horrible weather) is still the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi Russia

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Boots for the New Year!

2010 ESK Elite Carbon Skate and the ECL Elite Carbon Classic
Ive been skiing on Alpina for three years and 2010/2011 will be my first year sponsored! A big thank you for their support and I look forward to trying out the new boots! check them out at!