Thursday, December 22, 2011

I apologize for my procrastination in keeping you up to date. My attention and time have being completely centered around the start of the season, getting into race shape, daily training, daily diet, and contemplating issues like, "what can I possibly do to ski faster and shoot straighter?" Despite my stubborn effort to ignore how I can afford all this, reality still seems to pop up on occasion and remind me that traveling the country and  skiing for a job is expensive! (So that's my excuse for the postponed blog update.)

I started the season with the most important race of the year; IBU Cup trials in Canmore, AB. Despite my sincere efforts to be ready for this race, there are factors in Biathlon that are hard to control. I gave my strongest effort but fell well below my goal. Not a good start. I felt I had a great summer and had skied as hard as I could. I have never in my life went all out and skied so slow. My blood tests that week had some answers. I had shockingly low ferritin (indicating low iron stores) and my testosterone levels were 1/3 of their normal. It took me a few weeks to accept to myself what had happened with the trials results but I made it my first priority to get my health back. 

I'm at home in Prince George for Christmas and spending some time on my home trails at Otway Nordic Ski Centre. My focus right now is on diet, recovery, and health as I prepare for my next races U23 Cross Country World Champs Trials in Whistler BC (January 12-15th). 

Merry Christmas!

(photo by Sylvain Beaudry)


Jay said...

have a good one too!

T. Roger Thomas said...

Wow, are you saying you went out of your way to get blood tests done as a training diagnostic?

Or did you have blood work done for some other reason and simply noted the results were a bit off?

Just curious

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a SUPER weekend, Matt!