Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter wishing!

When I consider that my job is currently skiing in the mountains in perfect snow conditions, I don't feel too bad. This past week (June 23rd-28th) our Rocky Mountain Racers team spent the mornings skiing at Sunshine Mt., Banff on a 4 km loop in more or less perfect conditions. It was sunny 5 out of the 6 days and only in the last two days did grooming become difficult with the trail starting to break down. It was very convenient to have summer skiing so close to home and it replaced what would have been an expensive trip to the glacier. I had a total of 18 hours of skiing which I will be thankful for in mid-November when racing gets under way! It wasn't all fun and games. With limited on-snow opportunities I ensured I was 100% focused on my ski technique, heart rates and proper recovery. Its equal parts hard work and fun for me when I consider the reward of improving and my goals this winter. I am thankful for all my sponsors and supporters (named on the right--->) who make it possible for me to train like this and allow me the opportunity to ski full time as a "job!" Thanks!