Friday, January 20, 2012

Always good to be back at the WOP

Finally! Something encouraging this year! For those who don’t know, I had a really slow start this season with some health issues taking over the majority of my focus and energy. This past weekend I had my first GOOD race this year in the 30km pursuit (15km classic/15km skate). I actually had a bad start and lost 4:47 to the top open men in the opening classic leg but the final 15km were the best of the year. I got in the moment and really pushed my comfort levels to move up 8 positions and wind up with the second fastest U23 skate time. I only ended up 17th overall (8th in U23) but it’s the feeling I’ve been looking for all year. I’m so thankful for a little bit of motivation and being able to give a full effort! Next race is this Sunday (Canadian Westerns-15km skate mass start) followed by the next IBU Cup Tour Trials on February 4th-5th!

Great pics by Jesse Winter at:!i=1669815026&k=2brpBnn