Monday, December 13, 2010

Powder, powder, powder

100% real snow! I love Silver Star and this time was no exception. This weekend was my first time skiing on REAL snow this year. Soft snow meant an instant change to a delicate, technique-focused type of skiing which favored patience (and small skiers). I didn't mind at all, but it was an extreme contrast to Canmore's rock hard, always fast, perfectly groomed Olympic trails which I started the season on. 

Saturday was  the Haywood NorAm Teck Sprints (Classic technique). It was my first classic sprint ever and easily the fastest Ive ever went on classic skis. I had a qualifying time of 3:57.342 which put me 10 seconds behind qualifying for the heats (top 30) and 25 seconds behind the leader Drew Goldsack. Sooo lots of room for improvement. I was 53rd out of 76 open men starters. I had no expectations coming in and now I have a level to work from. 

Sunday was the Haywood Noram Interval Start (15km skate). It snowed at least 15cm on Sunday morning so the course was as soft as possible. I had an early start position which was a physical advantage because I had a fresh course. By the second lap that advantage was completely gone. The obvious disadvantage to starting first is skiing on your own with no information on the other 85 starters. I improved to 27th (3:08.57 behind the leader- Lars Flora).

It was a super fun week of racing and been in the mountains, and I have three more chances this weekend to hurt myself a little harder. I am in Rossland for the second Haywood Noram starting only goal to push my limit a little bit farther. Cheers and check out the results below!

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