Monday, September 20, 2010

Final Results World Cup/IBU Cup Trials

Here are the final results from the last week of racing! Brenden Green and JP Leguellec have been pre qualified off of their results from last year. These races determined the one remaining World Cup Spot and the 5 IBU Cup Spots.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Best 2
24 1Nathan Smith93.22100.45102.20101.33
25 2Brendan Green103.3999.0096.95101.19
26 3Scott Perrras97.78100.5798.5199.54
27 4Tyson Smith99.0187.4697.9698.48
28 5Patrick Coté96.8198.0698.5698.31
29 6Scott Gow96.8196.3498.9097.86
30 7Marc Andre Bedard94.0394.6898.9796.83
31 8Mat Neuman92.6394.0493.4793.76
32 9Beau Thomson92.3889.2194.6893.53
33 10Aaron G.89.0791.5393.6292.58
34 11Joel Pacas92.3887.0988.4390.40
35 12Kurtis Wenzel75.6284.9482.7483.84
36 13Aaron Neuman79.4481.9881.9081.94
37 14Johnny Forward80.9479.1880.06
38 15Mark Arendz80.7471.5576.15

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