Monday, September 21, 2015

Ride for Bax

Some highlights from my bike ride last week to Saskatchewen crossing from Canmore in memory of my friend Baxter Goertz. After the ride, most people were asking how my butt felt or how tired my legs were, but honestly that was only a small factor in my ride. I had a goal to achieve and my body brought me there no questions asked. For me, the ride was about the 12 hours of reflection on Bax's life and how it had touched mine. Love you buddy.

"Tomorrow morning I am setting out from Canmore on a 330km (ish) bike ride to Saskatchewen River Crossing and back (hopefully I make it). Only a few weeks ago we were celebrating at my wedding with my childhood friend Baxter and his brothers, joking around, reminiscing on over a decade of friendship, watching hockey, playing every sport you can imagine, movies, sledding, games, building forts, sleep overs, biking to the candy store and growing up. A few weeks ago his journey here came to an end and tomorrow I’m hoping to make it to the crash site to visit where this segment of his life came to a close. I’ll be thinking of our trips as kids on crappy bikes, fighting dogs, pedaling down Bendixon Road to buy 5 cent candies and wash em down with soda. A chapter of Bax’s life has come to an end, but a new one has begun. His life was a gift to us, and I am thankful for everything we shared. I pray everyone who knew and loved Bax can feel his impact on them as we grieve and how it will continue to be a part of us for the rest of our lives. God bless you Bax and family"

7 AM start in Canmore, not fully comprehending what I am in for... keeping my mind open to the emotions/elements/challenges I am about to face. Perfect timing as I receive my send off gift. The clouds were lit up for a few minutes as I rolled out in some chilly temperatures.

Half way up Bow Summit pass (about 4 hours in) was the first time my hands were warm enough to take a picture! Wet roads, on and off rain, single degree temperatures, and decent headwinds were making this day look like a long one...with no shortage of storm clouds lurking in the mountains.

High point on my ride 2088m along the Icefields Parkway at Bow Summit. I believe this is the 2nd highest paved road in Alberta to Highwood pass (2206m)... All downhill from here baby!

Cheers to Bax! This was where I sat and had lunch at the crash site just North of Sask crossing. For me, it symbolized riding to the Pineview General Store with Bax and our brothers as be rewarded with candy. Ride was a little longer today, I guess that's part of growing up! Love you man

Kickin my ass Bax! And I wouldn't have it any other way. You shaped my childhood as we grew up together and those stories are with me for the rest of my life. This next chapter you are as present as ever as you continue to shape my character as I evaluate my own life, value and aim to be present in every precious moment, push my limits (thanks for the inspiration) and love this God given time on earth. Your life was a gift to everyone who loved you!

Potable? Probably!

332km averaging 29.6km/h. (longest ride I had ever done by almost 100km)

7pm: 332km, grieving, conquering, accepting, reminiscing, and goal setting all to touch the surface. Here's a cold one (Jerkface 9000) for you Bax!

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