Monday, January 26, 2015

Tour Life

Tere Paevast! Or "good day" to all my non-Estonian readers! I am settling into a new routine, new hotel, new ski trails, and new country. I have recently traveled from Ridnaun, Italy and am currently in Estonia with part of the Canadian National Biathlon Team preparing for some international racing. It's easy to go on tour around Europe and be so focused on racing you forget to look around! So lets start off with some fun Estonian facts!! 

1. Inventors of skype
2. Connected! Internet speed and access is always an issue on tours through Europe! Good news for us Estonia is ranked 34th in the world for percent of population with access to the internet (1 007 020 of 1.3 million). Unfortunately they didn't make the list for internet speed (average connection being somewhere less than 1 Mbit/s). Can you believe South Korea's average connection speed is 23.6 Mbit/s?? Canada sits at a comfy 9.7 Mbit/s according to wikipedia. 
3. Online voting. Estonia actually has an online voting platform! kinda neat
4. Top literacy rates (tied for 10th in the world at 99.8%, slightly ahead of Canada 99.0% and the US 99.0%)
5. Host of 2015 IBU Open European Championships in Otepaa!
I will keep you updated as the week goes on, but for now some highlights from our travels!

IBU Cup 5 Ridnaun, Italy...still getting over some nasty jet leg!

Race ya down!

But first... lets take some selfies

ok and on the red sled, reppin the maple leaf 

Ich mochte eine tasse kaffee....bitte!

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