Monday, March 31, 2014

Why do we fall?

I approached this year with one goal: crushing the Canadian Olympic trials in November. I had my second surgery of the last four years going into this season and so a big part of the summer was spent simply getting back into my previous years shape. All said and done, I finished Olympic trials ranked second overall behind the demanding lead of Brenden Green-one spot off going to Sochi. I was fired up because I had had great performances and done what I felt was my best to prepare. Eventually the realization settled in that my dream for the last 4 years was not going to come true.

I was offered a World Cup start shortly after which got my heart pumping and I arrived in Oberhof, Germany motivated and hungry to debut on the WC scene. The day before the first race I found out I would be watching sideline because of a qualification misinterpretation from our national sporting body. In about an hour I went from being on top of the world to embarrassed and uncertain about everything. I followed up with three weeks of racing in Europe and all I could think about was how screwed I had gotten. The results don't need to be discusses. The rest of the season followed the same excuse-centred path. 
(Ridnaun Italy IBU Cup)

With the season wrapped up and Spring training coming up in one month, where do I lie? To be honest, I'm still bitter about how this year played out. Actually, I'm furious. Anyone who saw me race knows how sick it was. How am I going to use that to my advantage? I'm thinking along the lines of using it as fuel for my fire to pursue another 4 years of racing. I'm thinking of all my lessons from the past four years and how to improve or change them to make the next step in performance. In one month, all bitterness will be behind me as I pursue another goal.  My goal is to fully commit, to fully believe, and to do everything I can in the process to find out the result I am capable of.

I've slowly learned that most problems are out of your control, and you just have to let them slide by... but when you find that little something that you CAN control and you CAN have an influence on, take that opportunity, grab it by the balls and take full advantage of it. Here's to finding those opportunities!
(Wrapping up the season in Charlo, NB at National Championships)
Thank you Rudy ProjectAplina, NFA, and PGRGC for your support this year!

(A big inspiration and even bigger Bad Ass...Beau T)

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Thielmann said...

Two things... your white on black blog has messed with my eyes and I think I'm going to have a seizure. And, what's that bit there about you grabbing some guy's balls?

Other than that, still very proud of you. Behind you 98%