Friday, June 21, 2013

Canmore Declares State of Emergency During Flooding

Despite an obstacle filled start to an Olympic season I’m feeling surprisingly optimistic and encouraged leading into the summer training. I have definitely had some momentum killing incidents that shifted my focus from my typical spring training. I encountered my second ski related surgery in the past 3 years as well as coped with massive flooding which actually left me homeless. So aside from focusing on training I had to coordinate my schedule with recovery, work, training, finding a new home, moving out of my flooded place and preparing for a 6 week camp in Europe starting August 1st all while keeping my goals in mind!

Fortunately I didn’t lose much in the flooding considering the devastation that hit Canmore but it certainly threw a wrench in my routine. There were approximately 100 000 people homeless in Calgary and close to 50 homes lost in Canmore during the Southern Alberta flooding. The place I was staying in Canmore had a few inches of water in the basement, just enough to cause a hassle and some water damage. The flooding also limited training opportunities in town with many of the roads closed or destroyed. I found a place to stay until I leave for Europe July 31st and I have a new place arranged when I return in September!

Here are some local pictures from flooding this past week. Thoughts and prayers with the families affected.

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