Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Ride

What are my goals? Am I working too much? Do I have enough $$$? Am I doing too many/too little training hours? Is my equipment up for the challenge? Whats the  weather going to do today? With new goals, new challenges and new perspectives another season is under way. Unfortunately, over analyzing can be accompanied by uncertainties. This season one thing is obviously and simply certain. I just want to go! I just want to ride my bike, I just want to race, I just want to push-HARD!

I have made a commitment to dedicate all my resources and effort I can leading to 2014 and that is daily motivation. I hope you enjoy following my path this year and find excitement in the thrills, memories and glory that come from sport! I look forward to keeping you informed and entertained as I pursue this chapter in my life. I draw a huge amount of motivation from all my supporters so I'm grateful for God, family and sponsors to help me along this road! 

Cheers to,

Pigeon Lake Alberta Provincial Road Cycling Championships this weekend (road race is tomorrow)!