Sunday, September 27, 2009

World Summer Champs/ European Training Camp

For the next four weeks ill be continueing my training camp in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The first race of the camp began in Altenburg, Germany with German National Summer Biathlon Championships (septmeber 19th-20th). I was racing in the senior category against some of Germany’s top biathlon celebrities. In the Saturday 10km sprint, I finished 3:10 behind World Champion Christoph Stephen (Germany). I started the 12.5km pursuit in 22nd place (3:10 behind the leader) and finished the weekend in 19th place.

Immediately after German Champs the BC Biathlon High Performance Team travelled to Oberholf, Germany for Summer Running Biathlon World Championships. In the first 4km sprint competition I finished in 20th position (out of 46 junior competitors) 1:17 behind the leader. I had a clean prone shooting (5 for 5) but had four misses standing! I was motivated for improvement the next day. In Sunday’s 6km Pursuit competition, I cleaned my first two prone shootings, moving into 8th for the first standing. I finished with 5 total misses (15/20) and in 13th position. I was happy with a top 15 result at a world championships, but knew I was still capable of a better performance.

This weekend was World Summer Rollerski Biathlon Championships. I had two average races with good skiing and bad shooting. I finished the 10km sprint just inside the top 30, 3 minutes 45 seconds behind the leader. I had the 18th fastest ski time, which i was happy about and was less than a minute from a top 20. In the 12.5km pursuit on Sunday I finish 32nd overall, with 17th fastest ski time and again poor shooting. I finished the week very motivated to improve my shooting, and happy to see that my ski times were competitive with the leaders.

Tomorrow is off and starting on Tuesday, we start a nine day ski camp in Oberholf Germany, where we will be skiing in a man made snow tunnel. I’m excited to continue the camp, and look forward to an awesome next four weeks!

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