Thursday, June 25, 2009

Canmore-Whistler Rollerski Trip

In light of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the provincial Biathlon BC team will be participating in a rollerski trek from Canmore Alberta, to the Whistler olympic Park. The Tour is set to start on July 12th and run until the 16th when the team will arrive at the 2010 Olympic Biathlon venue. There will be 8 athletes rotating in turn, rollerskiing continuous over the 1000 km journey. The idea of the trip is to promote the sport and to bring the Olympic spirit from the 1988 Winter Olympic site, to the 2010 Whistler Park. The trip will be sponsored by the German company SRB Rollerskis, as well as the German TV network Deutsche Welle, local coffee shop Galileo Coffee, squamish bike store Corsa Cycles, and local GM Dealer Greg Gardner. If you are interested, support is still needed.


Thielmann said...

cool as usual to see what you are up to... r u ready for Aaron??? the poor lad was worried about starving to death cuz he doesn't know how to make anything.... show him how to do that thing you do with the cooked bread

Anonymous said...

So did you survive this or what?