Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Squamish Boston Pizza

Every season, I encounter thousands of dollars of expenses that I must overcome in order to achieve my goals. These expenses are all huge barriers Canadian athletes must hurdle, in order to reach the international podium. This season, the Squamish Boston Pizza has acknowledged this obstacle, and generously offered to donate 10% of your next bill to my achieving my goals this season. All you have to do is enjoy your next meal at the Squamish Boston Pizza and write my name, Matt Neumann, on the bill. I appreciate Boston Pizza's generousity and would be very thankful for your support. Every dollar goes a long way!


Alicia Harper said...

Wow that's great. Now you just need to get the word out so people no that by going to BP they can support you.

Big Uncle T said...

Do you mean write your name on the bill? Maybe I could sponsor you to learn how to spell. Just kidding... maybe I could order takeout from the Sqeamish BP for Prince George.

Emma said...

Mmm. Boston Pizza :)
Have fun training in Prince George!